10 Vegetables and Aromatic Herbs You Can Cultivate in a Glass of Water

Growing herbs and vegetables at home is not only a practical endeavor but also a beautiful and enjoyable experience. What makes it even more fascinating is that many plants can begin their growth journey in water, eliminating the need for pots or soil, at least initially.

This method of propagation offers a clean and straightforward way to witness the complete life cycle of a plant, from its aerial parts to the underground roots that are usually hidden beneath the soil.

Let’s explore some popular herbs and vegetables that can be easily grown in water:

1. Basil:

A widely used aromatic herb, especially in Italian cuisine, basil can be propagated in a glass of water. Cut 10 cm stems and place them in a container with water. Allow the roots to grow to around 5 cm before transplanting the basil into a pot with soil or directly into the ground.

2. Oregano:

Oregano can also be reproduced by cuttings in water. Maintain a temperature of 18-21°C and provide ample sunlight. Keep in mind that oregano grown in a pot or water is less tolerant to cold compared to those grown in the ground.

3. Rosemary:

Start rooting rosemary by placing 15 cm stems in water, ensuring only the upper leaves remain. Roots should start appearing within 1 to 2 weeks. Once the roots develop, transplant the rosemary into a pot or directly into the garden.

4. Parsley:

A kitchen staple, parsley is easy to grow and can be propagated in water. Place the cuttings in a container with water, changing the water every few days. Transplant the seedlings into a pot or garden once the roots have established.

5. Mint:

Mint is known for its vigorous growth, especially in spring and summer. Take cuttings and place them in a glass of water near a window. Rooting should occur within a few days in warm weather, while it may take up to 2 weeks during winter.

6. Balm:

Lemon balm can also be propagated similarly. Cut 5-7.5 cm long stems, leaving only the top leaves. Provide good exposure to light and change the water every few days.

7. Stevia:

Start the growth of stevia, a popular sugar substitute, in a simple glass of water. Allow it to root well before planting it in the ground, after which you can enjoy its sweetening properties.

8. Lettuce:

Regrow lettuce from the stem of a purchased head. Place the stem in a shallow plate or container with approximately 2.5 cm of water and keep it in a sunny spot. Change the water every 1-2 days, and within 10-12 days, new leaves will begin to sprout, although it won’t reach its previous size.

9. Celery:

Similar to lettuce, celery can also be regrown by placing the stem in a container with water. Leave about 5 cm of the stem and change the water daily. After approximately a week, roots should develop, and you can transplant it into the garden or a pot with organic-rich soil.

10. Spinach:

Fresh spinach stems, a root growth stimulant, and water are all you need to propagate spinach in water. Within about 10 days, the stems should develop enough roots to be transplanted into soil or pots.

Experimenting with water propagation not only allows you to witness the growth process but also offers the opportunity to expand your indoor garden without the need for additional pots or soil. So, grab some cuttings, a glass of water, and embark on a journey of growing herbs and vegetables in this unique and practical way.