How to grow orchids. Discover the steam method and how to use garlic to help

Cultivating orchids through steam treatment and employing garlic in their maintenance provides an innovative strategy for tending to these exquisite flowers. Below is an in-depth tutorial on effectively applying these techniques:

Steam Cultivation Technique for Orchids

Recognized for their adaptability to different cultivation methods, orchids thrive particularly well with the steam technique. This approach promotes rapid and vigorous development of roots, which is crucial for the wellbeing of the orchid.

Steps :

1. Making the Garlic Solution:

Start with garlic powder, which is packed with plant-beneficial vitamins and nutrients. Combine a teaspoon of garlic powder with boiling water, filter the mix (using a cheesecloth or similar fabric), and mix it into half a liter of water in a spray bottle.

2. Using the Mixture:

Mist the garlic water over the orchid’s foliage and root area. This not only encourages robust growth but also acts as a natural deterrent against various pests and parasites.

3. Creating a Humid Habitat:

Modify a plastic bottle by punching holes just above the neck, shaping it into a funnel. Insert this “funnel” into the lower half of the bottle.

4. Orchid Placement:

Before situating the orchid in the funnel, clear away any withered roots. Use styrofoam chunks for added support in the gaps.

5. Hydration Process:

Pour water into the lower half of the bottle, allowing it to lightly reach the roots. Place this setup in a well-lit spot and water generously.

6. Repotting:

After the roots have sufficiently developed, relocate the orchid to a bigger pot for continued growth.

Using Garlic for Orchid Care

Garlic offers multiple advantages in orchid care, serving as an effective natural pest repellent, fungicidal agent, and promoting chlorophyll production.


1. Repelling Pests:

The high sulfur content in garlic effectively wards off pests such as spider mites, thrips, and aphids from the orchid’s growing medium.

2. Antifungal Properties:

Garlic combats fungal growth by restricting spore development, thereby safeguarding orchids from fungal diseases.

3. Chlorophyll Enhancement:

Garlic’s sulfur contributes to the formation of chlorophyll, protein, and amino acids, all vital for the healthy growth of orchids.

Usage Guidelines:

1. Proper Concentration:

Overuse of garlic can be detrimental to orchid health. Elevated garlic levels may impair the plant’s lipids and negatively impact seedling development.

2. Frequency of Use:

It is recommended to apply garlic water moderately, preferably as a monthly preventative treatment.

Garlic Water Recipe:

Begin by crushing 4 garlic cloves and combining them with 1 tablespoon of mineral oil. Allow this mixture to infuse for 1-2 days.

Next, filter out the garlic solids, retaining only the infused oil.

Stir in 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon of liquid dish soap into the oil, adjusting the quantity based on how severe the pest problem is.

Dilute this concoction with half a liter of water and transfer it to a spray bottle.

Tailor the mixture’s strength according to how the orchid responds. Primarily use this solution as a pest control and fungal prevention agent, rather than a standard fertilizer.

The combination of steam cultivation and careful garlic application can significantly boost the health and vibrancy of orchids. While garlic brings numerous advantages in pest management and growth stimulation, it’s important to apply it with care to prevent negative impacts. This distinctive method of orchid care can result in thriving plants adorned with stunning flowers.